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Monday, February 28, 2011

How to Smile When You Think You Can't Smile...

How can you smile when you feel like you can’t smile? Whether you are feeling too blue to look happy, or truly cannot smile due to a physical problem, you can still show others your glowing personality. Communicate your smile a different way so that no matter who you are interacting with they know how happy you feel.


Force that smile on your face, no matter how negative a mood you are in. Even if you hate the guts of the person you are looking at, try to look pleasant. You don’t have to show teeth in a Cheshire cat grin. A simple smile will do.

Even if you physically cannot smile due to an injury, birth defect, or mouth guard, you can still project a smile through body language - stand up straight, hold your head up, don't frown, and smile with your eyes.

Wear clothes that smile. Add to your positive body language the color of happiness. Yellow is the color for dependability. A soft yellow is non-threatening and friendly. Warm colors are welcoming if from the yellow family. Golds, browns, golden-oranges, are all dependable colors of friendship. Blues are passive and calm colors. In the visual language, soft blues project a serenity and quiet peacefulness. Avoid reds that are too aggressive and threatening

Learn the art of communication through other gestures. Every color, shape, and form has a psychological meaning that speaks to everyone and every creature on an unconscious level. Learn the meanings of subliminal communication, and you can smile without even moving a lip


When you smile, others will smile back. The more people smile back at you, the more you will want to smile. Before long, you'll realize you are no longer faking that smile.

Sometimes you need to start the ball rolling to change the mood from sad to happy. A simple smile can change a lot!

Think of something happy.
Focus on it until whatever is bothering you is in the background. This will help maintain your smile until it becomes a genuine expression.

Clean yourself up, brush your hair, put on something good without holes or stains. A positive self image can be jump started with a fresh look. A smile is sure to follow.


-Be aware of your nonverbal communications, to avoid sending negative signals to others. Avoid slouching and clothes that are depressing in form and color. Remember to smile with your whole being and it will be easier to paste one on your face.

-Avoid hanging around negative people who spend their time talking everything down and criticizing everyone. Sometimes a change of environment helps relieve the stress that is keeping the smile away. It’s easier to smile if someone is smiling back at you.

-Try not to focus on the problem that's making it hard for you to smile.

-If you are emotionally distressed, forcing a smile can be counterproductive. The denial of negative emotions will build up in the long run and confuse people who can give support
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